Your Donations Save Lives-Like Juan’s

Posted Friday November 24, 2017 by AAAOutreach

ultraTulane (17)

On a cold and gray Chicago morning Juan braved the rain to get to the hospital for a free screening. He’d already been there earlier in the week, and his nurse invited him to come back for the Saturday morning ultrasound. She told him that because he smokes, he’s more likely to have an aneurysm, and this was a free and easy way to find out.
He didn’t think it was that important.
He didn’t feel bad.
It was raining like crazy.
He showed up at the hospital, dripping wet, just as they were about to pack up the ultrasound machines. He filled out the forms, and made his way back to the exam room.
And then his life changed.
Juan’s aorta was enlarged. A lot.
Juan was lucky. He found this AAA in time.
His nurse was there, and he talked to the vascular doctor immediately.
Thanks to you, AAAneurysm Outreach was at Juan’s neighborhood hospital, with a free screening provided by your donations.
Your gifts allow us to save lives all over the U.S. every day.
Juan thanks you.
We thank you.

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