Sam’s Life Was Saved-By You

Posted Tuesday December 12, 2017 by AAAOutreach

ultraTulane (17)

Sam* was having an enjoyable morning working in his garden. It was a sunny Saturday and he had some tomatoes to pick. Breathing in the crisp air, he gently squeezed the ripe fruit, and was moving on to the green beans when his daughter arrived.

She had suggested earlier in the week that he get a free screening at the community hospital, but he hadn’t thought much about it. When she showed up to drive him there, he reluctantly put away his gardening gloves.

At the hospital, he heard more about abdominal aortic aneurysms and the free ultrasound screening. There was a crowd, but he was assured that it wouldn’t take long, and there were refreshments for when he finished.

That’s when this ordinary Saturday became the day that his life was saved.

Sam’s aorta was enlarged. So enlarged that he needed immediate surgery, to prevent the aneurysm in his belly from rupturing, which would cause him to bleed to death.

This free screening saved his life.

Because there are no symptoms, Sam had no idea that this ticking time bomb had been growing in his abdomen.

Sam is thankful for AAAneurysm Outreach, and the free ultrasound screenings that you provide. We are thankful for your support, to help Sam and so many others.

*not his real name

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